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Why is YouTube TV the best cable replacement for cable cutters?

These days, most people are feeling frustrated with their overpriced cable television subscription. YouTube TV offers an alternative, as it now offers live TV from more than 60 popular networks.

The price of YouTube TV is roughly half of a basic cable TV subscription. No bait and switch games, no cable box, and no problems.

But does a YouTube TV subscription mean you can finally cut the cord? Let's take a look at what you actually get when you sign up for YouTube TV and if it's worth it.

YouTube TV:What do you get??

Signing up for YouTube TV is as simple as visiting the YouTube TV welcome page and clicking Try it for free .

Before registering, be sure to scroll down to the welcome page and type in your 5-digit zip code.

When you enter your zip code, you will see all the networks that are available when you subscribe. These include local live television networks. Yes, you can watch local news coverage when you sign up for YouTube TV.

Here are some things you should know before signing up:

  • Each home subscription has six accounts to use.
  • Each account has a custom DVR feature so you never have to miss a favorite show.
  • The DVR library has unlimited storage and can record multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Can stream to Chromecast, Roku, smart TVs and Android and iOS devices.
  • Premium networks such as Starz, Showtime and sports networks are also available at an additional cost.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that YouTube TV has commercials, just like normal television. However, if you also pay YouTube Premium Is it worth paying YouTube Premium? 7 Things to Consider Is YouTube Premium Worth the Money? 7 Things to Keep in Mind YouTube Premium is causing a stir and headlines, but is the paid subscription service really worth it? We look at the facts to help you decide. More information (formerly YouTube Red), ads are removed from YouTube content. Unfortunately, you will still see them on live and recorded TV shows..

Watching live shows on YouTube TV

Once you have an account, you can connect to to watch live television.

The top ribbon is where you can watch all the live TV shows currently available. “Zapping” on YouTube TV consists of scrolling left or right through this tape. Or if you prefer to search for shows by genre, simply click on one of the tags below the live TV listings.

When clicking on a live program to watch, it will be displayed by default in full screen. To view the controls or navigate back, simply position the cursor at the bottom of the screen.

If he clicks on one of these menu options, his program will continue playing but will shrink to the top of the screen while he navigates through other programs..

The channel schedule is a bit buggy. A number of stations show “No broadcast available, stay tuned.” although it can find the live program being played on that station on the live TV tape.

Your YouTube TV library

YouTube's TV DVR feature is pretty sweet.

If you have a favorite series in which you don’t want to miss any episodes, read Add to your library just press the more icon and YouTube TV will record every next episode for you.

If you open a page of the series, towards the bottom you will see all the individual episodes. These include both upcoming shows and those already aired..

Technically, there’s no need to “record” any episodes, because you can go to the series page and watch all the episodes you missed anyway.

This turns YouTube TV into an interesting combination of Netflix and cable television. The main difference is that you are not waiting for the season to be released a year later. You can watch the episodes compellingly. The pros and cons of robbery observation television. The television pros and cons of watching television heists. It's a recent phenomenon that pretty much everyone has done thanks to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. But for all its various pros, it also has some drawbacks. Read more the night they are released. If you missed half of the current season, you can get up to date by observing the whole season so far..

Create a family group on YouTube TV

If you plan to use YouTube TV in a household with several people, you should create a family Group.

To do this, simply visit When I visit the page for the first time, simply click Start . . . . On the next screen, click. Create family group . . . . As the group creator, you will be the administrator of the family group..

Simply search the Google account for each of their family members and click Submit .

Once you have created Google Family Group, you should open YouTube TV, click on their profile, click on Settings , and the Family sharing selection .

Click on Prepare link next to Family sharing.

Finally, simply click on the blue Share button.

Now all members of your Google family group will have access to the same YouTube TV account.

Other useful YouTube TV settings

There are some other functions available in the Settings area that are worth mentioning..

Below Live Guide , You can add or remove networks from your live guide lists. This can simplify your navigation if there are some stations you never see.

Under Zone , it can update its start area or its current playback area.

Adjust the starting area if your family is moving to a new location. You can use the current playback area to temporarily change your playlists if you are on vacation and wish to watch the local news.

As you can see, YouTube TV is much more flexible than traditional cable television.

YouTube TV is accessible from anywhere

Another way YouTube TV will transform the way you watch television is through the different devices from which you can access TV programming..

If he’s sitting in the living room watching a great show on his laptop, he can quickly tap “Show” Icon on the video screen to watch the video in the room on your TV for all to see.

If not everyone is in the living room and wants to watch the programs on their own, they can access YouTube TV from their smartphone or tablet..

You can access all the same content from the YouTube TV app on mobile devices. That includes surfing the nets, watching programs and enabling recordings.

The application settings area also includes some extra..

These include enabling show recommendation notifications, managing content for younger viewers using that mobile device and enabling or disabling the subtitles for that device.

While he can login to his Google account from the device, he can access his YouTube TV content. That includes when you travel and use someone else’s laptop or tablet. Access to YouTube TV is connected to your account, not your device.

Is YouTube TV better than cable??

For roughly half the price of a basic cable television package, YouTube television blows cable television out of the water. It is better for all the following reasons:

  • Access to more networks than a basic cable television package
  • Free DVR style recording of unlimited series and shows
  • Free content filtering for kids on the devices they use.
  • The mobility of taking your live TV subscription when you travel.
  • Seamless location change when you move
  • The flexibility of watching television on any TV or device in their home

If you have had a cable television package for years, this is a great opportunity to finally cut the cable and save money. If he already cut the cord, this is an incredible way to get back to watching the latest shows he loves when they air, instead of having to wait..

If you still can't afford live TV, there are other ways to watch cable shows after cutting the cord. How to watch cable TV shows online. After cutting the cable. I love watching cable TV shows, but I hate paying for an expensive subscription. Luckily, cable cutters have options for watching cable television online. Read more .