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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Anyone Who Loves Books

While some YouTubers are busy writing books, 6 Awesome Books By YouTubers Are Actually Worth Reading, 6 Awesome Books By YouTubers Are Actually Worth Reading. It took a considerable amount of searching, but there are at least six YouTubers' user books worth reading. Read on to find out which books by YouTubers are really good. Read More Say hello to BookTube!

BookTube is an unofficial corner of YouTube where book lovers read a staggering number of books and, we bet you didn't see this one coming, make videos about them! If you enjoy reading books of any kind, you're bound to fall in love with at least one of these channels.

This is also a great way to find new books to read The Ultimate 50 Ways to Find New Books to Read. The latest 50 ways to find new books to read. There are some books that we don't want to stop reading. Thanks to the many tools available today, your next reading adventure can start instantly. Find what you need to read next with this guide. More information (although there are other methods, like Reddit That's Novel. How to find new books to read with Reddit. How to find new books to read with Reddit! There are many ways to find new books to read, both online and offline. But nothing beats a recommendation from a real human being, which is where Reddit proves its worth. Read More). If you follow a BookTuber who has roughly the same tastes as you, there's a good chance you'll discover books you never would have found otherwise.


As the largest BookTuber with over 264k subscribers at the time of writing, Christine Riccio's channel is a must. She is also one third of Booksplosion (a monthly virtual book club), along with the next two channels on this list.

She is full of energy and makes a wide variety of book based videos including book talks, reviews, sketches, comedy videos, book related discussions and much more. She even covers a lot of TV and movie content for books that have been adapted for the big and small screen (like The Hunger Games or Divergent ).

A lot of the likes of it fall under the umbrella of young adult (AA) literature and fantasy, but you can find a decent variety here. As with any good YouTuber, you can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook, or you can visit her website..

Pending: Energetic, fun, silly videos. Varied content. YA and fantasy genres..


Kat O'Keefe is another one of the great BookTubers with over 200,000 subscribers right now, and she has definitely earned them. She'll get a lot of classic BookTube content here, like Book Search, Reviews, TBRs (To Be Reads), Monthly Summaries, Book Talks, and the occasional book-related tag..

If you watch Kat's videos regularly, you'll find a relatively wide range of genres, but, as with most of the bigger BookTubers, she tends to lean towards YA and fantasy. If that's your thing, subscribe and you'll get lots of insightful comments!

And, of course, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, or visit her personal website.

Watch for honest and intelligent book reviews. Funny videos related to the book. Generally YA and fantasy genres..


Jesse George, whose channel covers a lot of similar content to Christine and Kat, is in the top three of Booksplosion. You get book reviews, hauls, challenges, summaries and all that good stuff.

His silly, awkward style (like the fwoosh at the beginning of each video) is attractive, and although he also covers a lot of YA and fantasy, he did a summary of great comics recently..

Find Jesse on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Watch for:YA and fantasy. Cute, quirky style. Lots of content.


Sasha Alsberg currently runs the second largest BookTube channel with almost 250k subscribers! She produces a ton of hilarious and informative content from reviews, drags, and TBRs to live lives, tags, and trailer reactions..

She reads a lot of YA and fantasy, but you'll also find romances, alternate histories, and other types of novels. Her enthusiasm for everything she reads is easily transferred to you as a viewer. Plus, she's one half of the Perustopia book club along with the next channel!

Find her on Twitter, Instagram, or on her website.

Pending: Lots of fun and varied content. YA and fantasy.

Peruse Project

Regan from Peruse Project is really great at making well-organized and structured videos. She gives succinct summaries and reads a solid variety of stories. Fantasy seems to be her preferred genre, but there is a bit of historical fiction and other genres mixed in.

As you would expect from a BookTube channel, she does a lot of reviews, recommendations, transports, and recaps. She is really good at expressing her opinions and analyzing books in a smart way.

Find her on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr..

Pending: Fantasy and historical fiction. Clever and well thought out analyzes of the books.

Rincey reads

Do you want to read a lot of different genres? Want to read stories from a wide variety of authors? So Rincey has your back.

Her videos are simple, direct and to the point. The most unique thing about her channel is the fact that each The video has closed captions. So if you are deaf or hard of hearing, if English is your second language, or if you just prefer to read over listen, this is a channel I would definitely recommend.

You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr..

Look out for:Closed Captioning [CC]. Wide variety of genres and authors..


Here's another channel made to expand your horizons just a little bit. Katie's channel is mostly about reading for fun, but also reading to learn, so you'll find some non-fiction, some psychological stories, and some horror, a bit of everything!

She has engaging book discussions, tag videos, and of course classic book reviews. Her comments are brutally honest and can help you decide what to read..

Find her on Instagram and Twitter..

Look out for psychological and horror genres. Honest, clear feedback.


If you're not a big fan of YA but still want your own corner of BookTube, I recommend the Mercedes channel.

Here you will find a wide range of books from literary fiction to magical realism, from short story collections to graphic novels. As usual, you'll get TBR, book searches, reviews, and summaries on this strictly reading-based channel, and you're bound to find some really wonderful books if you watch the videos of her..

Find her on Twitter.

Look out for:short story collections. graphic novels. Non-YA fiction.

Little Owl Book

So many different types of books! Caz's channel discovers wonderful nonfiction, science fiction, and contemporary books, among many more, including some manga.

Again, this could be another chance for you to find some books that you may never have heard of or dealt with otherwise. Caz speaks with great enthusiasm and knowledge about the books he reads, and you will definitely want to keep all the videos he posts.

You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

Look out for:contemporary fiction, manga, and a wide variety of genres.


Welcome to a channel that covers more types of classic literature. For powerful nonfiction stories, as well as old stories with beautiful prose, check out Ashley's channel.

This is one of those channels that will probably make you learn something along the way. She also immerses herself in things like graphic novels and Harry potter series, so you get a really good mix of content with this beyond the YA standard.

Find her on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram..

Watch for:Nonfiction. The classics A bit of everything

Who is your favourite?

Para ser sincero, hay cientos, si no miles, de increíbles BookTubers, así que fue muy difícil reducir esta lista a solo 10. ¿Quiénes son tus favoritos de esta lista? ¿Quiénes son tus favoritos que no mencionamos? Háganos saber las respuestas a estas preguntas y más en los comentarios a continuación.!

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