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The best way to avoid awkward and inappropriate movie scenes

We've all had to go through it at least once:You're with your family, they all decide to watch a movie no one's ever seen before, and about half of them walk through it when suddenly a scene comes along that makes you wish you could sink into the wall. closest and disappear..

Scenes that are gratuitous, sexy, gory, or vulgar can make for an awkward time when you're watching with the company. Wouldn't it be great if you could see these scenes ahead of time? Well you can.

There are sites like Common Sense Media, Kids In Mind, and CringeMDb to make this easy for you, but they all have flaws like not covering enough movies, not being clear enough about what to expect, or just plain wrong in their judgments.

The most effective solution is to use the Internet movie database , find the particular movie you want to watch and look in the sidebar for Parental Guide . Each movie has its own page for this.

The Parent Guide pages are user-maintained, which means any user can edit the ratings on Sex &Nudity, Violence &Gore, Profanity, Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking, and Frightening / Intense Scenes. These pages are not based on opinion. Rather, they simply describe scenes from the movie that fall into each category.

Since these pages are user-maintained, most movies have at least some writing in their Parent Guide, and they tend to be accurate. It is a pity that most of the users are not aware of the Parental Guide as it can be quite useful. Hopefully it will help you..

Did you know about the Parents Guide on IMDb? What resources do you use to measure the clumsiness or inadequacy of a film? Share with us below!