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Valentine's Day:what are the gifts that the French would like for this holiday?

Who says Valentine's Day, necessarily says gifts. And some presents are more popular than others. Discover without delay the 5 gifts that the would most like to receive during their evening of February 14.

The evening of lovers is fast approaching, and if some do not celebrate it, others on the other hand await it impatiently. In addition to spending a romantic moment with your dear and tender one, you receive a nice little gift. But if you thought that the traditional chocolates and flowers were number 1 of the most anticipated presents, you are wrong. The polling company YouGov carried out a survey for among 1008 people representative of the French national population and revealed what were the gifts that the French wanted this year.

The gifts women expect for Valentine's Day 2021

This year more than ever, trips and other weekends are popular. Although it is difficult to go to the other side of the planet at this time global pandemic , the French keep hope alive. 22% of them hope to receive a gift box for a Valentine's Day getaway.

In second position, we find jewelry. 15% of the women questioned hope to receive a ring, a necklace or even earrings for the feast of lovers. Flowers are obviously an essential gift, and 11% of those surveyed want to be given a pretty bouquet.

8% of women would appreciate receiving a treatment or a massage. And yes, who doesn't like to be pampered for a day? Finally, as many respondents hope to be offered a perfume. Gentlemen, you know what you have to do.

The gifts men expect for Valentine's Day 2021

In men, the cravings are relatively the same. 14% also hope that they will be offered a trip, and 13% are more inclined towards perfumes. For 11% of respondents, clothes are an ideal gift for Valentine's Day. Shirt, polo shirt, pants... So many ideas to please your companion.

Men are also more greedy:6% would like to receive a box of chocolate. Relaxation is still one of their concerns, since 6% would also not be against being offered a massage.