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Tenet:The 8 films to watch on Netflix if you liked Christopher Nolan's film

Released on August 26, Christopher Nolan's latest gem already has many fans. Discover 8 films that will allow you to prolong the experience.

Tenet, the director's eleventh feature film, is a big show spy thriller as demanding as it is spectacular. Time reversal and physical laws will be on the menu! Enough to make it a film that is too complex for some viewers but downright fascinating for others.

For those who like to rack their brains

Whether or not you've seen Tenet, here are 8 films available on Netflix whose stories will partly remind you of the event film for the start of the 2020 school year. Time travel, suspense, elaborate scenarios, spectacular scenes... All these key themes of the science fiction will be there and will certainly make you spend a moment out of time.

Discover below the list of 8 films to see on Netflix if you liked Tenet , where you will also find "Inception", one of the most famous films of the British director.