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Netflix:Season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries will give you goosebumps

If you liked the Netflix series on unsolved cases Unsolved Mysteries , you will be thrilled. Season 2 is available on the platform!

Many of us are fascinated by unsolved cases. In France, the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès case is the perfect example. This news item continues to make people talk even today. In particular thanks to the recent revelations of Society magazine, but not only. A few months ago, the whole world discovered the story of the Nantes father thanks to Netflix. The streaming platform had launched a new series called Unsolved Mysteries or Extraordinary Investigations in French. This presented several criminal cases that had never found their culprit . And today, a new burst of surveys of the same kind is available on the platform.

An incredible season 2

We hoped for it so much, and Netflix granted our wishes! On October 19, the platform unveiled the second season of his Unsolved Mysteries program. This season highlight six new unsolved cases . From what we can see, the episodes will still focus on strange disappearances and murders , but also a potentially supernatural affair . Goose bumps guaranteed!

If you have never watched the program, we highly recommend it. To make your mouth water, here is a trailer unveiled by the American giant. We bet you won't be able to resist after seeing it.

If these few images made you want to get started, get ready for a good binge-watching session because season 1 is just as captivating!