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These obscene songs that we all sang without realizing it

Small, it just needed a good rhythm to be able to surround us and what did the lyrics matter. But over time, these cause us a little taste of discomfort.

The music has this something that transcends us when we are young. In the early ages, we have energy to spend and the melodies, rhythms, percussion of a song, no matter which one, leads us to surpass ourselves and to celebrate. We didn't care about the lyrics , because for the vast majority we did not know them because of their language, often English.

But the more we grow, the more we realize that the lyrics could sometimes have a hidden meaning.A few jumbled examples.

Candy Shop - 50 Cent

True monster of American rap, Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent will have marked the history of music and our evenings of the 2000s. With its title Candy Shop , the one who has changed enormously physically, will have laid us one of the classics of the genre on which we did not hesitate to dance again and again. But do you know the lyrics? "I'll take you to the candy store. I'll let you lick the lollipop. Come on put your head on, girl, don't stop. Keep going until you hit the sore spot "Here, here...

    Lou Bega - Mambo N°5

    The man with the mustache and the iconic hat made himself known worldwide with his very catchy hit Mambo N°5 . In the evening, we were almost obliged to pass it for it to be worthy of its name. But did you notice that Lou Bega mentioned his many conquests?

    Small example:"For me flirting is like a sport, anything to get me robbed. Everything is so good, let me get rid of it. Come on, put the trumpet in place. A A little bit of Monica in my life. A little bit of Erica by my side. A little bit of Rita is all I need. A little bit of Tina is what I see ." He thus evokes his many adventures, for your greatest happiness.

    Pitbull - Hotel Room Service

    He was on all the NRJ Summer Hits CDs of our youth. Pitbull is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the 2010s. Many of his songs have become club classics. A little excerpt from the lyrics:"Forget all about your boyfriend and meet me in the bedroom, you can bring your girlfriends and join me in the bedroom."

      Michel Telo - Ai Se Eu Te Pego

      Phenomenon of the Brazilian scene, Michel Telo will have been an event. Popularized by stars like Neymar, the title Ai Se Eu Te Pego will be eternally associated with the summer of 2011. But discover the sulphurous translation of the lyrics:"This is how you kill me. Ah, if I catch you. Ah, ah, if I catch you. Delicious, delicious. This is how you kill me "

      Flo Rida - Whistle

      Summer 2012, Euro football and Flo Rida. Nothing better than watching the exploits of the French team (laughs) and going to the beach to the title of Whistle by the American artist. However, more than ten years later, we really wonder how we could listen to this song as if nothing had happened. Some lyrics:"Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby. Tell me. I'll show you how. We'll start slow. You just gotta bring your lips together. And come real close "Good...

      Tom Jones - Sex Bomb

      In January 2000, already an international star, the Welshman Tom Jones released with Mouss T the cult title Sex Bomb, whose melody remains timeless more than 20 years later. However, do you really know the lyrics? Short excerpt:"Now you found the secret code. Which I use to get rid of my worries, good. So I can't deny or lie cause you're a sex bomb, sex bomb, you are a sex bomb! You can give it to me when I need it to move on, give it to me! "