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5 decorative ideas to make with leftover yarn

Are you a fan of knitting and you still have a large amount of wool lying around the house without you knowing what to do with it? Instead of throwing them away, recycle them instead to customize your home with decor that exploits the creative potential of this soft material.

Create the essential pompoms

Are your bits of wool piling up in the house? Brown, pink, green, blue, orange… are there any colors and sizes? Rather than throwing them in the trash, let your imagination run wild and transform them into useful decorative objects. The good idea is to develop pompoms that give pep to all your accessories. This creation is easy to make. You need two cardboard circles of the same diameter and with a 2 cm hole in the middle as well as wool. Assemble the two cardboards and wrap the wool around them from the middle outwards. The cardboard must be completely covered. Once this is done, separate the two boxes and then cut all around the fold. Remove the cardboard by tearing it and you're done!

The Japanese art of amigurumis

You've never heard of it ? Amigurumi is a 100% kawai creative hobby straight from Japan. The idea is to create fruits, vegetables, small animals and other representative symbols using crochet. This practice would have appeared after the Second World War. Due to the economic crisis, the Japanese had to use some tricks to make toys for their children. They then had the initiative to use crochet techniques. Amigurumi can now be used to create decorations such as Popsicle ice cream, cacti and others. It allows you to make stuffed animals, DIY gifts or toys yourself.

Pots that get a makeover

Plants are a must in any interior. They give a natural air to the house, offer a bubble of freshness and above all, purify the air. Only downside:the pots are not always aesthetic with their raw appearance. It is then advisable to customize them a little with the rest of wool.

A pretty accessorized summer basket

Do you have several pretty baskets at home and want to personalize them? A tip:use wool pompoms. This completely hot decorative touch is the must-have this season. Accumulate the pompoms of matching colors for a beautiful total look or bet on a mismatched style. XXL pompoms, tight, suspended, three per handle, stitched all over the basket... anything goes. This accessory is the essential ally to give a casual but trendy look to your bag. And since it won't cost you a penny, we totally validate.

A beautiful decoration with hanging balls

String, sticky material and balloons are all you need to create pretty balls that you can hang around the house as a modern decoration tool. Make your own homemade glue by mixing a little warm water, glue and cornstarch. Then inflate the balloons and cover them with petroleum jelly. Coat the wool threads with the glue and wrap them around the balloon so as to obtain an openwork effect. After 24 hours of drying, burst the balloon. Your decorative balls are ready.