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How to build a pallet kennel for your dog?

Have you just welcomed a new four-legged friend into your home and want to give it shelter in the garden? Building a niche out of pallets is an operation within the reach of all do-it-yourselfers, provided they equip themselves with the right materials and respect the stages of creation.

Instructions to follow before the operation

Creating a doghouse shouldn't be done haphazardly. Several elements must be taken into account, starting with the comfort of your pet. Already, know that he can only rely on his body heat to warm up since his shelter does not have a heating solution. You must then avoid making an oversized doghouse which will cause thermal calories to be lost. Still on the subject of dimensions, make sure that the height does not exceed that of your dog by more than 60 cm. The length should not exceed twice the length of the animal. Very important:the niche must be raised to protect it from humidity in the event of heavy rain. A solution in this case is to install it on piles or on bricks. Last but not least:orientation. The kennel should be turned due south to protect the pooch from the prevailing winds which cause a drop in temperature and can make it ill, confirms the Le Mag du Chien website.

The stages of construction

To successfully build the doghouse, you need a number of tools and materials. Equip yourself with a sander, a jigsaw, a hammer, nails or screws, a square, a spirit level, pencils and a tape measure. You will also need four to five pallets, a PVC swing door, rock wool and straw bedding.

The work begins with the creation of the floor. Take two pallets previously sanded to eliminate splinters then bind them together by nailing or screwing them. You will notice the presence of days. It will be necessary to fill them by using planks to be recovered on the other pallets. After a good screwing, sand again so that the floor is soft to the touch. This is important for your dog's comfort.

To make the structure, use four pallet floors and boards to extract from other unused pallets. After the essential sanding step, draw the door on one of the floors, making sure that it is at least the height of your dog. The ideal is to choose a door with rounded ends that you will make sure to sand well so that the animal does not hurt itself when entering. Then mount the structure. A slope must be obtained at the level of the roof. This is why the front part of the structure must be higher than the back one. Insulate the walls by installing rock wool.

Now it's time to build the roof. It can be made from corrugated iron. Otherwise, screw pallet blades together to create the roof. The structure is to be reinforced with bitumen shingles which ensure its longevity. The operation ends with the application of a stain whose function is to protect the material against pests and bad weather. To make this new cocoon even cozier, install a rug, blanket or basket inside.