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Don't Die Wondering:This Exclusive Members Society Will Put You On The Guest List

Don't Die Wondering is a members-only events company, putting names on the most exclusive guest lists in New York and London. Their closely-watched roster of affluent members get the chance to attend some of the most glamorous events on the social calendar, including art previews, intimate concerts and private parties – this coveted membership is sure to come with a full agenda. /P>

The company regularly offers its members the opportunity to break the velvet rope for a number of exclusive fashion, music and art events. The world Don't Die Wondering has access to is undoubtedly one of intrigue and glamor – a recent art gallery soiree presented by Don't Die Wondering even reportedly took place with the elusive Banksy in attendance. .

Don't Die Wondering founder Antoin Commane even hosted a stylish and exciting pre-BAFTA party earlier this year, attended by Lady Camilla Beresford and supermodel Olivia Arben. It's clear that members of the society rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in high society, with actors, influencers and business stars among the much speculated list of members.

Don't Die Wondering parties are always exclusive and always glamorous, offering unforgettable evenings of flowing champagne, beautiful locations, great music and great company. With the quality of the events on offer, it's understandable that the world surrounding Don't Die Wondering is the envy of many - and the exact names of the members themselves are a closely guarded secret.

Who do you have to be to join the party? Antoin Commane explains that there is a list of certain qualities that Don't Die Wondering looks for in potential members.

“We want guests at our events who add vibrancy and character to the room,” he said, “Movers and shakers, socialites and those who have worked their way up to be at the top of their game , big personalities that any space, group or situation.

Not everyone makes it – potential new members of Don’t Die Wondering are screened when they apply, to see if they have that special something the company is looking for. Applications to the Society are temporarily closed until a current member relinquishes their envious spot, but if you think you have what it takes to be next on this exclusive guest list, then make sure you to keep an eye on Don't Die Wondering. official site. Stay focused, though – with the caliber of events offered by Don’t Die Wondering, we’re sure these openings won’t last very long.