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How to identify the guitar bridge you need?

Once you become an experienced guitarist, understand the sound and quality of music that sounds soothing to your ears, one thing comes to mind. It upgrades your guitar hardware and customizes it to your preferences so that the quality of the music you want to produce is not compromised at any level.

Step 1:Analyze

The first thing you need to identify when considering a guitar hardware upgrade is the selection of bridges. You need to analyze what you expect from the upgrade. You also need to understand which brand you are upgrading to. Every guitar has a different measurement for the guitar bridge, so Gibson, Epiphone, Burny, etc. will need somewhat separate parts.

Step 2:So which bridge size to choose?

The saddle is the important component of the bridge and the measurement of the bridge will differ in three ways:

  • Legacy guitars or non-custom guitars with Schaller bridges – Gibson guitar with Nashville bridges
  • Original Gibson guitars/Custom shop/Gibson Historic
  • Guitars that use 4mm bridge rods may be imported guitars or non-US guitars

The size, spacing and mounting of the posts for each guitar bridge vary and therefore most parts cannot be interchanged. The Faber ABR-59 range is vintage and suitable for every type of guitar. You can get the right replacement for this and there are flat saddles in different finishes and the saddle is also removable. You also get 100% mechanical contact.

Step 3:Choosing in Bridge and which one to use

  • ABRM Bridge :For 4mm post styles on import guitars, ABRM Bridge is the direct replacement and also improves the sound of import guitars
  • ABRH Bridge :If your Gibson guitar is stock or custom shop, is a vintage model, or part of the historic collection, then ABRH Bridge is worth considering. ABR-1 Bridges are also called Tune-o-Matic Bridges. In fact, the ABR and Nashville bridges are types of Tune-o-Matic bridges. The main differences between the two can be found in their fit.

  • ABRN Bridge :If you have a USA Gibson guitar, the bridge style in Nashville and ABRN is for you and this also fits the conversion rings that are used on import models.

From the Tone Lock Series, you can choose the Faber Bridge Replacement . The Tone Locking Scale is the same size as the ABR Series and it has no spacer technology, so the bridge is fixed to the body and improves stability. It also vibrates more and improves sustain. The tone lock model is intended for import models, Gibson guitars (custom shop / Nashville and vintage bridges)

Step 4:More details on the following will help you

  1. Guitar Bridge Posts:

For all new bridges, Faber gives Converter Bridge Bridges posts that accompany all types of bridges. Imported guitars are metric and US parts are measured in inches, which is essential when ordering the correct parts for the instrument.

For USA Gibson guitars, vintage steel tailpiece studs are ideal for bridge upgrades and they fit USA Gibson guitars that have Faber TPI tailpiece rings or 5/16-24 rings.

For import guitars, the metric vintage steel tailpiece is ideal for replacement and these are made from German steel which can be replaced for non-US guitars and have an 8M X 1.25 thread pattern. These can be paired with TPM tailpiece rings and you can directly replace the non-steel rings with these on the top import models.

The Faber Wrap-Lock Deck Nails are used for one thing because wraparound guitars have an obvious problem. These lean forward when there is full tension application and that is because the mounting post as well as the deck are not compatible with each other. To eliminate this is used.

  1. Conversion Bridge Studs:

ABRM or Tone Lock Bridge is a good replacement for the American style deck and installing these conversion deck studs will take a few minutes. There is no need to modify the configuration of the ESWKIT and take the help of some videos to do it.

F Faber ESWKIT Deck The stud is ideal for importing guitar rings and you can use the American style bridges without any body modification, so it is very easy to remove and replace.

Non-steel anti-noise rings can be replaced with Faber E-Sert which most imported guitars come with and these should also use the tone locking pattern bridges or ABR. For action adjustment, the E Sert comes with a knurl and a pair of steel studs. When the posts are attached to the bushings, this will improve support and give maximum vibration.

  1. Tailpiece:

There are different configurations when it comes to guitar tailpiece parts and most guitars are made with these. These are either gold plated or die cast from zinc or other similar metals. Zinc doesn't react with guitar strings and can steal hard-earned tones.

The Gibson guitar parts here are aluminum. They are lightweight which is one-third of a cast zinc tailpiece and help transfer vibrations differently resulting in a vintage tone. For Gibson and Epiphone guitars, the custom tailpieces here can be replaced directly.

To replace parts for Gibson guitars you can get a TP-59 Stopper for the upgrade. The TP-59 is crafted from aluminum and provides the tone that nickel or zinc die-cast tailpieces provide.

For the one-piece wraparound style bridge, you can choose Faber Guitar Parts

The tailpiece has compensated edges and it helps with intonation. The Wraptonate tailpiece is a full wraparound bridge and there may not be an ideal replacement, but it will suit vintage players.

The compensated tone bar will give an accurate tone and the intonation will also improve. Adjustable wrap tail guitar saddles will be more beneficial and for TPWC compensated ones that have a vintage feel will give perfect intonation. Uncompensated ones will be good for vintage guitars.