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Apple sets release date for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14

During Apple's Time Flies event, the company revealed some exciting new products for fans of iOS systems. However, at the very end of the event, Apple revealed an impressive array of OS updates all of which will be released on September 16, 2020.

What's new with iOS updates?

You can take a look at all the new changes yourself at the end of Time Flies. At 1:03:48, the company shows what's coming to iOS devices.

First, the iPhone is getting the iOS 14 operating system. This update revamps the home screen widget and gives you new ways to organize apps on your iPhone. It will also contain App Clips, a small part of an app that gives you quick access when you need it.

The iPad gets iPadOS 14, bringing Apple Pencil more into your device. It also brings “huge improvements” to how iPad apps work.

The new watchOS 7 will allow you to easily share your favorite Apple Watch faces with your friends. The update also includes a sleep app and a 20-second handwashing timer that can detect the sound and motion of your handwashing.

Finally, there's tvOS 14. This improves the TV's ability to display picture-in-picture. This addition comes in handy for the new security camera power feature that also comes with the update. You can also share audio using AirPods and display lyrics from Apple Music onscreen for karaoke parties.

Despite the sheer volume of these updates, Apple will release them all at once. Keep an eye on your favorite device when the update rolls out and check out the new features that come with it.

A strong demonstration of Apple

If you're a huge iOS fan, the Time Flies event is a must. Not only did it feature many new devices, but these new iOS updates are sure to impress anyone with an Apple device.

If you haven't kept up to date with Time Flies, you're missing out. After all, Apple announced the new eighth generation iPad during its presentation.

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