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How to get activation code for Free Fire OB33 Advance Server?

The developers introduced frequent OB patch updates to introduce new and improved gameplay mechanics with new characters, pets, and more. Here in this article, we will see how to get activation code for Free Fire OB33 Advanced Server.

The new Free Fire OB33 upcoming update advanced server is now live and players can download the OB33 advanced server apk now. Before releasing the update, they release an advanced server to ensure that the update is bug free. Let's see how players can get Free Fire OB33 Advanced Server Activation Code.

Activation code for Free Fire OB33 Advance Server

The OB33 advanced server went live on March 10, and players can download the APK to access the advanced server. However, players also need the activation code to access the advanced server.

The main reason for the existence of the activation code is that the advanced server is a test server and it can only contain a certain number of no. players at a time. Only players with an activation code can access the advanced server and try out upcoming updates and features.

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As it is already clear that to access the OB33 advanced server, players need the activation code. Players can receive the activation code from the developers by signing up to the advanced server using Facebook or Google accounts. Players can also get activation codes from websites and players to give away in live streams.

Note:Each player can download the Advance Server APK from the website. But only those players can play on the advanced server which has the activation code.

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