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Is a Fortnite-Batman collaboration possible?

The Batman is coming to Fortnite earlier than expected, according to speculation. The Dark Knight has already debuted in Fortnite, but there is speculation that a new skin could be released soon.

The new Batman skin will most likely be based on Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the superhero. The Batman, starring Matt Reeves, will be released worldwide on March 4 e so a new Batman skin for Fortnite is quite appropriate.

The reported Batman skin differs significantly from previous Batman skins.

Fortnite players should treat this information with caution, like any other leak or rumor.

But, for now, these are just rumours. With no formal confirmation from Epic Games or Warner Brothers, all that's left for eager gamers to do is wait for the film's debut. Perhaps by then one or both companies will have announced their alliance.

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