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Free Fire Ranked Season 26:Rewards, Safe Zone Adjustments, And More

Free Fire has many game modes that players can choose from like BR mode, Clash Squad mode, Team DeathMatch mode and many more. Here in this article, we'll be looking at Ranked Free Fire Season 26 rewards, safe zone adjustments, and more.

Garena introduced the new Season 26 Ranked Free Fire BR with new rewards, leaderboard reset, and safe zone adjustments. The last BR ranked season reset player ranks, giving every player the chance to climb the ranks and reach the rank of Grandmaster. Let's take a look at the latest Free Fire Ranked Season 26 rewards and more.

Free Fire Ranked Season 26:Rewards and Safe Zone Adjustments

The latest Free Fire Ranked Season 6 was introduced in the game yesterday, i.e. February 19, 2022. In Ranked Season 26, many new rewards are available for players by ranking up. Major safe zone adjustments have also been introduced in this ranked season.

The developers addressed the safe zone issue after many players complained about slow safe zone speed reduction and late formation of the first zone, giving campers an advantage and slows down the pace of the game.

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Garena made the necessary changes after feedback from players in the 26 ranked season, the safe zone will shrink quickly and the first safe zone will also be formed at the start of the game. Apart from this, the new FAMAS gun skin is also available for players when they reach Gold-III rank. The leaderboard reset will follow the patterns below:

  • Bronze 1 and 2 will be reset to Bronze 1
  • Bronze 3 and Silver 1 will be reset to Bronze 2
  • Bronze I and Bronze II will reset to Bronze I
  • Bronze III and Silver I will be reset to Bronze II
  • Silver II and Silver III will be reset to Silver I
  • Gold I and Gold II will be reset to Silver II
  • Gold III and Gold IV will be reset to Silver III
  • Platinum I and II will be reset to Gold I
  • Platinum III and IV will be reset to Gold II
  • Diamond I will reset to Gold III
  • Diamond II will be reset to Gold IV
  • Diamond III and Diamond IV will reset to Platinum I
  • Heroic will be reset to Platinum III
  • Master will reset to Diamond I

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