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How to get Dawnlit Hitman Bundle for 50% off at Diamond Royale in Free Fire Max?

Garena introduces exciting new in-game costume sets and skins that players can claim using Royal Event and Luck Diamonds. Here in this article, we will see how to get 50% off Diamond Royale in Free Fire Max to get Dawnlit Hitman Bundle.

Free Fire offers various royal luck wheels where players can get rewards by spending in-game currencies like gold and diamonds. The latest iteration of Diamond Royale has given players a new male outfit pack the Dawn Hitman pack. Let's see how players can get Dawnlit Hitman Bundle 50% off Diamond Royale in Free Fire Max.

Get 50% off Diamond Royale in Free Fire Max

Garena has introduced a 50% discount on the Diamond Royale and players can now claim the Dawnlit Hitman Bundle for half the price before. Dawnlit Hitman Pack is an attractive pack with nice graphics and red color theme.

Diamond royale is expected to end in a few days, which will result in a massive 50% discount on diamond royale in Free Fire Max. The items available in the Dawnlit Hitman Pack are as follows:

  • Dawn Hitman Pack (Top)
  • Dawnlit Hitman Pack (bottom)
  • Dawn Hitman Bundle (Shoes)
  • Dawn Hitman Pack (Head)
  • Dawn Hitman Pack (Mask)

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How to get 50% off Diamonds Royale in Free Fire Max?

Players can follow the steps below to get the Dawnlit Hitman Bundle 50% off in Free Fire Max:

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and tap the "Luck Royale" icon on the left side of the lobby.

Step 2: In the next stage, individuals must choose to spin the wheel once for 30 diamonds or 10+1 spins at 300 diamonds in the Diamond Royale.

Step 3: Finally confirm the process. The diamonds will be deducted and the spin will be performed, drawing a random reward from the prize pool.

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