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Valorant God Particle disqualified for using Jett's slide

Valorant God Particle Disqualified:Valorant has its own rules and regulations for competitive gaming in the eSPorts industry. Several teams are mistakenly banned for abusing their abilities and other issues. The same thing happened to one of the Indian teams earlier today.

God Particles was shunned today for using Jett's slide to his advantage. The article talks about the incident that made Valorant God Particle disqualified for using Jett's slide in the game.

Valorant God Particle disqualified

Particles of God' at the Valorant Conquerors Championship had been pretty impressive all along. God Particles' performance had been truly outstanding, but fell apart after the team used one of Jett's abilities to climb to the top of a box.

The current God Particle roster consists of:

  • Logistaa. Arnav Jit Kalra.
  • sh1vy. Shivam Ajmani.
  • Knight Rider. Abhay Mulchandani.
  • White Horse. Shane Kariwow.
  • Emberval. Garvit Nehra.
  • ScarGod. Divyansh Jain.

God Particles are one of the best teams in India and their players have played for several renowned organizations over the past year. The team has performed well in almost every tournament they have entered in recent months.

However, the team shocked everyone by getting disqualified from the tournament by using Jett to slide on top of Haven's Site C box, which immediately kicked them out of the game.

While many believe the disqualification was unfair to the team and its talents, RIOT has its own guidelines for any competitive tournament. We don't know how it will end for the team, but we can wait to find out.

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