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Riot Games said it would help develop a VALORANT college ecosystem

Riot Games North America and the Riot Scholastic Association of America (RSAA) are excited to announce the launch of a Collegiate VALORANT ecosystem. They will collaborate with colleges across the country to create a strong ecosystem for everyone involved. The goal is to have this infrastructure in place so that a thriving college scene can flourish.

What do Riot Games and the RSAA have in store for us with Valorant?

The RSAA is dedicated to promoting gaming as a valuable and complementary part of the college experience. The RSAA promotes the building of the esports ecosystem, with an advisory board made up of professionals from the education sector. They are happy to provide this level of knowledge.

Because the games are so different, there will be changes in how the collegiate esports infrastructure is built. Their mission, based on the RSAA's three pillars of students first, long-term stability and competitive integrity, remains the same.

They will share updates with the university community as their 2022 plan takes shape, including dates, competition criteria, methods and rules. With a fall 2022 start date, all interested colleges and universities will have plenty of time to beef up their VALORANTS programs in time for competition later this year.