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How to Get Electrified Thunder Bundle in Hurricane Royale Free Fire?

Garena introduces new in-game events with new exclusive costume packs, skins, emotes and more in Free Fire for players to acquire. Here in this article, we will see how to get Thunder Electrified Pack in Hurricane royale Free Fire.

The latest Squad Beatz event introduced many exclusive themed costume packs, skins, emotes, and more items through various recharge events and royal chance. The latest Hurricane Royale introduced new skins, emotes, and costume packs for players to claim. Let's see how players can get Thunder Electrified in Free Fire from Hurricane Royale.

Free Fire Hurricane Royale

Garena introduced the Hurricane Royale on February 12 with many unique rewards available to players. Players can spin the wheel and claim the prizes until February 18 to claim all the prizes.

A single spin at the event costs 40 diamonds while 10+1 spins cost 400 diamonds. The rewards available at the Royal Hurricane are as follows:

  • Wall Gloo Brassy Core
  • Thunder Electrified Bundle
  • Cyclone Skater (animation)
  • Date Keeper's Backpack
  • Fate Guardian Skyboard
  • Ice Bomb
  • Crystallized (banner)
  • Light vibrations (avatar)
  • 10x Storm Hammer
  • 5x Storm Hammer
  • 3x storm hammer
  • 2x storm hammer
  • Storm Hammer
  • Star General Weapon Loot Crate
  • Winterlands AK Weapon Loot Crate
  • FAMAS – Metal Weapon Loot Crate
  • SCAR – Phantom Assassin

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How to get Thunder Electrified bundle in Free Fire?

Players can follow the steps below to get Thunder Electrified Bundle in Free Fire Hurricane Royale:

Step 1: Players must click on the ‘Chance Royale ' in the lobby and head towards the 'Royal Hurricane ‘ section.

Step 2: Players will now have two rotation options and they can choose one of them.

Step 3: Diamonds will be deducted and a reward will also be withdrawn.

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