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Is there an ICEBOX remake in the works for VALORANT?

The leaks highlight potential Icebox changes coming in Valorant's future patch. The images show an update to B Yellow, changing the shape and orientation of the object. The update also includes a shorter crate stack for more coverage, changing the flow of the area.

What are the changes for ICEBOX in Valorant?

The first change is on Site B, where the yellow box that appears as you move is about to turn into an "l" shape with a little more room to hide the characters. Various useful elements have been placed in this corner, which is one of the improvements of the B site.

The second is the site itself, where you can see some of the upcoming improvements by looking at the boxes. There is a small copy where you can hide and optionally plant spikes, and it can also change the regions where you can plant them. The top half looks unchanged, but the bottom half has undergone various changes. By default, the box on the right can be removed because it is difficult to evaluate, but it is an interesting change.

According to the data miners, they can also install pipes from which you can jump and emerge at the other ends of the structure. What do you think of these changes coming to ValorantLet us know in the comments.