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PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimac Nevera Collab Teased By Krafton

In a recent official post on their social media account, Krafton teased the PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimac Nevera collaboration, which is the game's first major partnership. Several items including car skins will be available as part of the cooperation.

After a lot of hype created by fans and speculated release dates on the internet, PUBG New State arrived in the month of November last year. Even though the launch of the battle-royale game was hampered by several technical issues, it was able to become a commercial success, given that the game almost hit the 50 million download mark on Google Play Store and App Store. With the announcement of the PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimac Nevera collaboration, the game may gain popularity.

PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimac Nevera Collab

Lately, Krafton announced partnerships with various car brands and added exclusive car skins to the game. From Tesla to Koeniggsegg, players got to see some huge automakers hitting the battlefields. PUBG New State players have been asking for a major partnership for a while and today Krafotn made a huge surprise by announcing the PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimac Nevera collaboration.

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The announcement was made just hours ago, although no major details are available at this time. The developers only teased the partnership and wrote, "COMING SOON!" Get ready to rule the streets of Troi in the world's best HYPERCAR EV! » . The statement has taken the entire PUBG community by storm enough.

Bugatti has acquired Rimec Nevera which is one of the fastest all-electric sports cars. PUBG New State is known to be a game with ultra modern features and thus, collaborating with a hyper car was somewhat expected by gamers. The game already boasts of electric vehicles and ultra-modern gadgets such as drones.

Even though we lack details regarding the PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimec Nevera collaboration, some leaks given by Gametube suggest that a limited edition Rimac Box will be available which will contain car skins in five colors – Nevera Blue, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow , Sunburst Red and Luminous Gold. The skins might be available after the January update.

PUBG New State previously announced partnerships with several Indian personalities as well as gamers to expand the gaming market in India. The PUBG New State x Bugatti Rimac Nevera collaboration will further increase the popularity of the game.

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