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What can you expect from the Valorant Night Market in December 2021:new hours and features

Valorant Night Market in December 2021:The Valorant Night Market is a randomly recurring major event that offers its audience a wholesale discount on a set of six arbitrary guns or knives from different bundles. It's available to players again with discounted weapon skins this month.

This market is available for a fixed period of time, with little to no advance announcement from the developers. The article talks about everything you can expect from the return of Night Market in December 2021.

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Valorant night market in December 2021

valiant had introduced Night Market last season around December, which has since been a new sensation among players. These skins can include any skins available in the store rotation, but are much cheaper than their normal price.

Valorant has developed persistent development throughout episodes that consist of multiple acts, each offering something new or fixing previous issues. Each episode sees the introduction of new content and this time it's the relaunch of Night Market.

The Night Market is not always available and only exists for a limited time. The relaunch of Valorant Night Market has been made public by the developers and fans have already started gushing over their newly purchased skins.

The Valorant Night Market button can be easily spotted due to its twinkling flash in the upper right corner of the game's launch screen and players can expect all weapons from premium to non-premium tier. The Night Market is a great way to buy Premium Edition guns. Players can easily receive Select and Deluxe weapon skins at fair prices.

The new edition brings players an amazing offer of at least two premium editions of a skin pack, which is usually valued at a higher amount of PV.

The September 2021 Night Market went live on September 9 (or September 8, depending on where you live) and will continue to run for 12 days from the initial day. It's a surprise, and most often, happens within 2 months.

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