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Call of Duty Mobile:Call of duty Redeem code to unlock rare emote 'BiSH'

Call of Duty is currently celebrating its anniversary season and Halloween event. The amount of free content that was released with the season was huge. The game is full of Easter eggs right now. Like, Call of Duty's Cold War launch is just a week away, and everything in Call of Duty is about Treyarch's Black Ops.

The developers have their own secret way of pushing Easter eggs. The pawn Takes Pawn event just ended last week, following the conclusion of the event which is unknown to most players. Unlike the pawn that takes the pawn in this event, the rewards can be redeemed by a single code.

Emotes are basically any symbolic representation of an emotion. A marvel of emotional expression in one shot.

They can be a question, joy, or an exclamation point in a thought bubble. Emoticons are sometimes used to make fun of other players on the team or opponents in the game. It's fun to use and every player loves emotes in the game.

How to unlock the Bish emote in Call of Duty:

In-game emotes are available by events and in-game by making payment and completing daily challenges.

Steps to follow:

  • Copy your UID from your Call of duty Mobile profile
  • Visit the Call of Duty Mobile Clearinghouse. Click here for website
  • Paste your UID in the first box
  • Copy the following code given here and paste it in the following box. code BFNGZCZ5EM
  • Enter verification code
  • Confirm your profile and exit

Call of Duty Mobile:Free Rewards via Pawn Take Pawn Event