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PUBG PC Urban Map:release date and expected features according to leaks

Krafton had recently proclaimed that PUBG PC or the original version of Player's Unknown Battlegrounds will be free to play from January 2022. In addition to this, some leaks suggest that a new PUBG PC Urban map is heading to the battleground which could be seen in the free version of PUBG.

PUBG PC became an instant hit after its arrival which led to the development of mobile versions. The battle-royale game, though released in 2017, is making various changes to its map, in-game content to stay on par with other upcoming battle-royale games. From collaborating with popular personalities like BLACKPINK and Don Lee to adding fun in-game features, Krafton is now gearing up for the launch of a new city map.

PUBG PC City Map Details

PUBG PC offers a variety of maps for gamers. From the base Erangel map to the recently released Taego, every map has received a positive response from players. The developers had also added Taego-specific features which received immense popularity from gamers. It had also introduced a city map named Haven and according to leaks from data miners like IGN Player, Krafton is set to bring another city map in PUBG PC.

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The new "Kiki" map will be an 8 x 8 km map based on the sinking city of New Orleans, Louisiana (USA). The cities displayed on this map will be submerged under water perfectly representing reality. Along with this, players will be able to explore cypress swamps, outdoor stage, solar and wind farms.

Along with a beautiful landscape, Kiki will also bring tactical equipment for players. These advanced features will include scout drones, assist healing, fast cover, and area shields. These features could also be brought when PUBG PC goes free in the month of January. Therefore, gamers can expect a huge update with PUBG PC 15.2.

The Kiki map is expected to be released in the second half of 2022. Although an official video showing the features and details of the PUBG PC Urban map may hit the YouTube platform in the month of March. More changes such as the redesign of the main hall and the modified training ground are planned with the January update.

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