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Fortnite All-Star Showdown:Blueprint and Bullseye Bonanza Battle Details

Fortnite All-Star Showdown is a creative competition launched by Fortnite. It features two events that are part of Fortnite Creative, and players can use 2 different creative card codes to have a different taste in gameplay experiences. Last weekend marked the start of the first FNCS All-Star Showdown, a competition where the best Fortnite players from the past two seasons will compete for their share of US$3 million.

The third event of the showdown will revolve around the creative aspect of Fortnite and players will be tested on their ability to build, edit and aim. The event will take place on June 23 and 24. The article covers everything you need to know about the Fortnite All-Star Showdown and Creative Maps.

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Fortnite Star Showdown

The Fortnite All-Star Showdown combines Champion Series with Creative mode to challenge players through various events. The two-week event consists of multiple competitions with distinct goals to track. It mainly has four events, namely:

  • Days of hype
  • Play solo in the stars
  • Skills Challenge
  • FNCS All-Star Solo Championship

Among these, the third event concerns the creative part of Fortnite and concerns three creative maps, the High Tier, Bullseye Bonanza and Blueprint Battle.

Fortnite's Creative Mode lets players do anything and everything in it, kicking the game's fun quotient up a notch. The new mode can be used to test and explore many new game features and to formulate strategies and much more. Since Fortnite was called monotonous by many in the community, it seems pretty good that Fortnite has done its best to break up mundane gameplay and introduce original thinking.

I. Blueprint Battle

Creation Code:3840-8537-4348


The first map of the event will determine who can cross the assembly course the fastest. Players will be challenged with various building modifications and will be an exciting event for every participant.

II. Bullseye Bonanza

Creative Code:9420-6335-1309

"WHO HAS THE BEST GOAL IN FORTNITE?" Well, we seek to find out through the BULLSEYE BONANZA! "

Players will be tested on their goals in Fortnite using the Bullseye Bonanza event. Players will have to knock down obstacles to progress. The event took place on June 23.

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