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Top 5 Best Weapons To Use In Fire Clash Squad Season 10

Garena Free Fire recently introduced the new ranked season Clash Squad with the release of update OB31. The Clash Squad ranked mode has its own ranked version. Here in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 best weapons to use in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 10.

SummaryList of top 5 weapons to use in Free Fire Clash Squad5 Season 10. G18 4. M10143. Vector (Akimbo mode)2. Groza 2. M1887/MAG-10

The latest OB31 patch update brought us lots of updates and features. In Clash Squad mode, players will engage in close-range shootouts. The final Shock Team Season 10 will reset the ranks and players will have to push their ranks again. Let's take a look at the list of top 5 weapons to use in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 10.

List-of-the-5-best-weapons-to-use-in-the-season 10 of Free Fire Clash Squad

5. G18

For the first round, players can use G18 on M500 in the first round of Clash squad mode. The G18 is the weapon most used by most players of the remaining options. Thus, the G18 is a handgun because it has good damage range and fire rate stats.

  • Damage:45
  • Rate of Fire:64
  • Precision:57
  • Movement Speed:76

4. M1014

Clash Squad is all about intense close-range shootouts. Shotguns are the best rifles to use in intense battles. Although they are difficult to use if used correctly if the shots are well connected. The M1014 is one of the best shotguns in the game and here are its main stats:

  • Damage:94
  • Rate of Fire:39
  • Precision:10
  • Movement Speed:60

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3. Vector (Akimbo mode)

The Vector is the very first weapon introduced with an Akimbo mode in Free Fire. However, it has a short effective range and devastating power to finish off your enemies before they even realize what hit them. The weapon was so overpowered that the developers had to nerf it in the OB30 update.

2. Groza

Groza is the best AR in Garena Free Fire. The developers recently introduced Groza in Season 10 of Free Fire Clash Squad. It can be used at mid-range to destroy your enemies in CS ranked mode. The weapon is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to stats which are as follows:

  • Rate of Fire:58
  • Reload Speed:48
  • Magazine:30
  • Damage:61
  • Range:77
  • Precision:54

2. M1887/MAG-10

Both the M1887 and the MAG-7 tied for first place on the Free Fire Showdown Team's Season 10 Best Guns list. Although the weapons have different stats, the OB29 patch update has lowered some M1887 stats in terms of range and power. . However, both weapons are monstrously powerful at close range and can be a game-changer in Season 10 Free Fire Showdown.

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