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How to Complete Fortnite Torin Monster Research Quests in Season 8

Fortnite Torin Monster quests have arrived in the game and players can get tons of XP by completing a few easy quests. Torin is one of many new NPCs on the island that gives players quests to complete and XP in exchange.

Punch cards are a staple for most seasons and the new season will also grant them a huge amount of XP. The article talks about the ongoing Fortnite Torin Monster Research quests and how players should complete them.

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Fortnite Torin Monster Research Quests

Punch cards are always a good addition to the game for more XP. These are challenges that allow you to earn extra experience points while participating in online matches. Torin Monster Research ongoing quests offer a huge amount of XP. Here are all the Fortnite Torin Monster Research Chapter 2 Season 8 quests:

Monster Finder Quests

  • Rescue the corrupted teddy bears (0/3)
  • Visit a mountain peak (0/1)
  • Boost signal at transformation locations (0/2)
  • Dig up transformation items (0/2)
  • Re-phasing the chair (0/1)

Interacting with these new NPCs will reward players with special weapons or quests they can complete. These quests allow players to earn additional experience points while participating in online matches. This is a series of time-limited challenges, so players should embark on these quests as soon as they are in the game.

Players can find Torin in the northeast corner of The Aftermath around a building next to the large piece of metal that fires from the ground. Players must find and interact with her on the Fortnite map before they can complete the challenges.

Once players approach her, they will be able to see the NPC's speech bubble icon appear. This bubble will show where it is even if players are farther away, allowing them to find it quickly.

Some of them are multi-story challenges, and players will be rewarded for completing each of their respective tasks. These Fortnite challenges have five different stages and award a total of 80,000 experience points upon completion.

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