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Tapping vs Bursting vs Spraying in Valorant:Advantages and Disadvantages of Shooting Variants

Tapping vs Bursting vs Spraying in Valorant:The game has evolved since launch, and so have its players. The perfect aim in Valorant comes with perfect reticle settings and a bit of practice, since most players don't follow some of the default rules. Although there are tons of tutorials available online, although only a few are suitable for all players whether amateur or professional. The article talks about Tapping vs Bursting vs Spraying in Valorant and how you can improve your aim to enjoy better gameplay.

SummaryTapping vs bursting vs spraying in ValorantTaptingBurstingSpraying

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Tapping vs bursting vs pulverizing in Valorant

Every beginner should try to improve aiming in Valorant while learning the abilities. Valorant is Riot's tactical shooter and like all other tactical shooters, good aim is the key to improving in the game. Players can face quite a tedious task to search for the perfect reticle to suit their needs.


Tapping works best with Guardian in guns, Vandal in AR, and with Sheriff in guns area in valor. One hit means getting a clean headshot and kill because one shotgun blast kills your enemies, no gun armor holsters. For people with better movement and reticle placement, a touch is the ultimate solution in duels to kill.


Valorant's burst is for those with good cross placement but not so much movement. Rifles like Bulldog and pistols like Frenzy are great for popping. The burst is an intermediate style of tapping and spraying. Players who use burst usually stop after using 2-5 bullets, so also not using a one-shot or magazine.


Spraying in Valorant is for those who aren't good with a single tap but can control their recoil. ARs like Phantom and machine guns are best for spraying. The spray happens when you hold down the trigger and control the recoil to get the most out of it. Specter and Phantom are easier to spray due to the easy recoil pattern.

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