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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 Winner Pass Rewards Leaks, Release Date, and More

The Season 22 Winning Pass ends March 31. Season rewards included XP Cards, Gold, Cash, and more. As the month draws to a close, the new Season 23 Winner Pass will start on April 1, 2021 . This new season will feature countless of attractive rewards that players can claim by successfully completing missions. Here are the rewards that will appear in the next WP of Season 23.

Season 23 Winning Pass:Details

The WP in PUBG Mobile lite usually lasts for a month which means the seasons as well as the rewards are renewed every new month. The Pass will offer exciting rewards including an exclusive male pack, a backpack skin as well as vehicle skins.

Players can purchase the Season 23 Winning Pass using Battle Coins (BC). The Elite upgrade will cost up to 280 BC while the Elite Plus upgrade can be purchased using 800 BC.

Season 23 Winner's Pass Leaked Rewards

Here are some of the rewards that may be included in the Season 23 Winning Pass:

Players can only get their hands on these epic rewards if they purchase the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite. Since PUBG is banned in India, players are highly recommended to try the Korean version of the game to have a look at these rewards.

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