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YouTuber Duplicates Ray Gun In Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been out for a while now. Players have been enjoying the game for quite some time now and there are certainly a lot of opinions floating around. Zombies mode makes a long-awaited return to glory A popular Call of Duty Youtuber, NoahJ456 has found a way to do something that has never been done in Call Of Duty before. Here's everything we know about Youtuber Duplicates Ray Gun in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

NoahJ456 duplicates Ray Gun in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies

NoahJ456 has over 4.8 million subscribers on YouTube. He is a famous Call of Duty Youtuber and he has now figured out how to duplicate the Ray Gun. The steps to achieve this are as follows. First, players need a Ray Gun from a Mystery Box . They also need another weapon that hasn't been wrapped. Plus, you need to save $5000 . Finally, when at the Pack a punching machine ,swap your weapon when the menu to pack handguns appears . If done right, you have both a Pack A perforated ray gun and a regular ray gun ready to go.

According to Noé, Treyarch will soon fix this problem . Players should take advantage of this and experiment with this issue as soon as possible. This ability to use two ray guns is super powerful and will be removed soon. This glitch however is the most exciting thing to happen in Black Ops Cold War lately and it desperately needs more.

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