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PUBG New State crosses 40 million downloads, Google Play Store and App Store ratings remain low

Krafton's latest Battle Royale game to hit the market, PUBG New State has passed the milestone of 40 million downloads. Even after achieving a huge achievement, the game continues to face the wrath of several players, which is reflected in the game's low ratings on Google Play Store and App Store.

The popularity of PUBG New State has increased even before its release. With constant snapshots and teasers being revealed by the developers, the game grabbed attention. However, the game's worldwide release on November 11th came with several glitches and bugs, which was quite unexpected from a company that has delivered stable games over the years. As time passes, the fan base of the battle-royale game continues to expand, even after that app ratings seem to stagnate below 4, which is quite shocking.

PUBG New State hits big milestone, app ratings still cause for concern

Krafton is currently celebrating the success of PUBG New State in terms of downloads. Even before it finished a month after its release, the game is dominating the download chart as it passed the 40 million mark. Along with fixing bugs and different issues, the developers are counting the number of downloads which is skyrocketing day by day. To celebrate this huge success, Krafton has launched a 7-day Login Event.

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7-day login event

  • Day 1- Chicken Medal x 3
  • Day 2- Troi Card 150% BP x 1
  • Day 3- BP Random Box (M) x 1
  • Day 4- Chicken Medal x 3
  • Day 5- BP Random Box (M) x 1
  • Day 6- Erangel Card 150% BP x 1
  • Day 7- Chicken Medal x 3

The event will run in-game until December 6. Therefore, players should collect the rewards in time.

Nevertheless, this fact cannot be ignored as the game which received ratings close to 5 during the pre-registrations phase now receives 3.8 and 3.1 ratings respectively on Google Play Store and App Store. Several players have complained about encountering tons of bugs in the game. Besides that, the issue of latency and high ping remains constant in the game.

Another bug encountered by players in the game is that the gyroscope settings do not work properly. Players are also facing issues with the game's audio system. Footsteps and enemy sounds are inaudible and the game becomes jerky at 120 FPS are some of the grievances that players share while giving the ratings on the game. 'App Store and the Google Play Store.

The developers previously issued an apology notice asking players to be patient as their team works to end these issues as soon as they can. For the past few days, several maintenance breaks have been made, which have improved the Game to some extent.

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