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TSG Ritik Free Fire (Bilateral Players):IDs, Stats, Headshot Rates, YT Earnings &More in October 2021

Ritik is the co-owner of the Two Side Gamers YouTube channel and is a Free Fire Esports player. Here is the TSG Ritik Free Fire ID, Stats, Headshot Rate, YouTube Revenue and Ranking as of October 2021.

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Free Fire is one of the most popular games which has become quite notorious over the past few years. The eminent rise in its popularity led to the rise of its eSports scene and eventually caught the attention of content creators as well as millions of users. Ritik is one of those popular creators and streamers on YouTube who rose to fame creating ultimate content around Free Fire and other popular games with his cousin, Jash.

TSG Ritik Free Fire ID

TSG Ritik Free Fire ID is ‘124975352 ‘. Ritik's stats as of October 8, 2021 are:

TSG Ritik game stats

Lifetime Team Stats

Games12206Win2335Hit rate30.28%Kills27781Headshot rate20.16%K/D2.81

Lifetime Duo Stats

Games2370Win260Success rate 24.70%Headshot rate16.13%Kills4531K/D2.15

Lifetime Solo Stats

Games932Wins65Success Rate 26.67%Headshot Rate30.03%Kills1975K/D2.28

CS Career

Games1443Wins807Success rate55.93%Headshot rate28.06%Kills5645K/D1.38

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Statistics ranked

Ranked Squad Mode

Games56Wins4Success Rate34.21%Headshot Rate25.00%Kills172K/D3.31

Ranked Duo Mode

Games3WinsHeadshot Rate20.16%Hit Rate0%Kills8K/D2.87

Ranked Singleplayer

Games1WinsHeadshot rateSuccess rateKillsK/D

YouTube channel TSG Ritik and revenue

Ritik has a very popular channel among the Free Fire YouTube community with his cousin TSG Jash. The duo continues to entertain their audience since starting their YouTube journey from October 2018. They share vlogs, game highlights, fun challenges on this main YouTube channel which has 8.91 million subscribers. Over 1300 videos have been uploaded to date on this channel which has accumulated over 1.36 billion views globally.

They also have a bunch of other channels:

  • ARMY TSG:>> Click Here
  • TWO SIDED SHORTS:>> Click Here
  • TWO SIDED FOODS:>> Click Here

According to Social Blade, Ritiks' estimated monthly revenue is between $17.4K and $278.9K, while its estimated annual revenue is between $209.1K and $3.3M. It has gained 69.71 million views and over 340,000 new subscribers in the last 30 days.

RITIK Social Media Profiles

TSG Ritik is active on Instagram and their official discord link is as follows:

  • Instagram:click here
  • Discord:Click Here

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