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PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile 2:5 key differences

PUBG Mobile is a very popular franchise for mobile devices. The popularity of the game is due to the fact that it is the ancestor of all battle royale games for mobile. Likewise, the game has a massive worldwide fan base and a stellar esports scene. However, the hottest news from PUBG community right now is the release of PUBG Mobile 2. Hence, in this article, we are comparing PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile 2.

PUBG Mobile 2 has been announced and is expected to release next week. This is good news for Indian fans as PUBG Mobile has been banned since September 2021. Moreover, the government has shown no signs of unbanning the app. PUBG Mobile 2 is expected to be the sequel to PUBG Mobile and includes lots of new features.

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5 key differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile 2

Below we take a look at PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile 2:

  1. Set in 2051: PUBG Mobile 2 will be set in the future in the year 2051. Additionally, the game will now feature a futuristic setting and design.
  2. New Map: The game will feature a new map with unique locations. Locations will be set to more futuristic locations and areas.
  3. New Weapons: PUBG Mobile 2 will also feature new weapons in the inventory. These weapons should have a new design and futuristic animations.
  4. Crossplay: PUBG Mobile 2 should have the cross-play feature. This means that players can now play between PC, console and mobile devices. Also, the game will be optimized for the following.
  5. PUBG Mobile 2 will be available in India: The most exciting news for Indian fans is that the game will not be banned in the Indian subcontinent. This is a new game and the Indian government will not be able to block its release.

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