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PUBG New State Global Launch:Full List of Events, Free Rewards and More

To celebrate the global launch of PUBG New State, Krafton has organized several events for players so that they can have a gala time while jumping into the battlegrounds. These events will help players claim free rewards and enter the New State in style.

Summary PUBG New State Global Launch:All Events Listed Launch Day Welcome Gifts Global Launch Event Pre-Season Login Event Pre-Season Play Event Invite Friends Event Daily Roulette CO-OP Missions Event

The global launch of PUBG New State took place today i.e. November 11, 2021. Several players were able to download the game on their devices before the scheduled time but they were unable to open the game due to an unknown server error. Thankfully, the issue has been resolved and the officials have some huge surprises in store for the players. In addition to the pre-registration reward, players can participate in PUBG New State Global Launch Events and claim their free rewards.

Now let us look at the complete list of events that have been introduced as part of the global launch of PUBG New State.

PUBG New State Global Launch:All Events Listed

A handful of events have been released in-game that offer free outfits, chicken medals, and more. Players can access the events by going to the events section of the game. These events will run for a significant period of time, giving players enough time to download the game and redeem the free rewards.

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Launch-day welcome-gifts

Players only need to log into the game once today to be eligible to claim the welcome gifts. A permanent vehicle skin that was promised as a pre-registration reward will be given out along with other rewards. The event will expire in three days. Players should remember to collect the rewards during the event period

  • Chicken Medal x10
  • PUBG New State Framework
  • PUBG New Profile Icon

Global Launch Event

Rewards will be given to players who log into the game for 5 consecutive days. This event will be running in-game starting December 1, 2021. Players should remember to log into the game and head to the event section to collect their rewards. The rewards will be sent directly to their inventory.

  • Day 1: 1,111 BP
  • Day 2: PUBG:New State Tee
  • Day 3: New State Logo Pants
  • Day 4: New State Logo Parachute
  • Day 5: New status patch

Pre-season login-event

Another login event will offer different rewards to players if they log in for 10 consecutive days. The event will run until December 1, 2021. The following rewards will be awarded:

  • Day 1: Hydrodip – Parachute
  • Day 2: Chicken Medal
  • Day 3: Chicken Medal
  • Day 4: Chicken Medal
  • Day 5: Chicken Medal
  • Day 6: Chicken Medal
  • Day 7: Cosplay strip receipt
  • Day 8: Chicken Medal
  • Day 9: Chicken Medal
  • Day 10: Cosplay strip receipt

Pre-season game-event

To get these rewards, players must play matches the required number of times. The event will run until December 1, 2021. Players must play matches in Classic (BR) mode to earn the rewards

  • Play 1 hour: Chicken Medal
  • Play 4 hours: Chicken Medal
  • Play 8 hours: Cosplay strip receipt
  • Play 12 hours: Spring Green – Volta (vehicle)

Invite Friends Event

Send a personalized link of PUBG New State to your friends and earn different rewards based on the number of people who join through your link. Rewards will be activated once your friends have downloaded the game and created an in-game character.

  • 1 person: Emote #NEWSTATESTYLE
  • 2-20 people: Chicken Medal (1 per friend)

Daily Roulette

Spin the roulette and get a reward once a day. Roulette will be idle every 14 days. Click on the start button to spin the wheel and get a random amount of the mentioned rewards daily:

  • PA
  • Chicken Medal

CO-OP Missions Event

The final event included in the PUBG New State global launch celebration is the CO-OP Missions event, which means players need to play with their friends in order to collect the rewards. Rewards range from BP, BP Cards, and Chicken Medals. Complete the missions to unlock the rewards.

Krafton promised players to bring more events and free rewards in the near future. Until then, download the game and enjoy the mentioned events.

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