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Where to find the Fortnite Combat Pistol in Season 8 after a new update

Where to find Fortnite Combat Pistol in Season 8:Fortnite v18.30 patch added the new Combat Pistol after draining the standard pistol. The Combat Pistol sports a tight bullet spread and exceptional power and might turn out to be better than the previous version.

Nevertheless, players must find new places to collect this weapon. The article talks about the new Fortnite combat gun in season 8 after the new update and where to find them.

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Where to find Fortnite Combat Gun

Fortnite is a very popular battle royale game published by Epic Games. It probably has one of the biggest fan and player bases in the world. Recently, they had released the new Fortnite update which takes a twist in the game around the war effort.

Fortnite has already rolled out its recent update, Fortnite Update V18.30, with the game introducing a new Fortnite Combat gun. In the Official Blog, it was mentioned:“As part of the war effort, you voted with your bars to fund the Combat Assault Rifle, a new variant of the Assault Rifle. Now another Combat class weapon is going to war against the Cubes. Already manufactured, the new Combat Pistol is on the island now!

Pistols are ranged weapons that use light bullets as ammunition. They have a 2x headshot multiplier and they are effective at close to medium range, rarely at long range.

Almost all pistols are semi-automatic and are extremely effective in close to medium range combat. Like the Combat Assault Rifle, the Combat Pistol sports tight bullet spread and exceptional power. This power coincides with a strong recoil, so it takes a knowledgeable producer to extract its full potential.

Combat Pistols can be found in chests, on the ground, and fishing. The standard pistol was vaulted while the combat pistol was distributed throughout the island. They can also be found in floor loot or by killing the Guardian.

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