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How to Apply for LG Ultragear TEC Gauntlet Season 4 Qualifier 1:Step by Step Guide

TEC Gauntlet will be the largest and most expansive Valorant tournament in the South Asia region. New and experienced teams will compete in this tournament for 8 months to have a share of the huge prize pool. After 3 fascinating seasons, we are ready for Season 4 of the LG Ultragear TEC Gauntlet.

SummaryHow to Apply for TEC Gauntlet Season 4 Qualifier 11. Team Details2. Player Details3. Substitute player4. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 5. Validation

How to register for TEC Gauntlet Season 4 Qualifier 1

The registration process for the LG Ultragear TEC Gauntlet Season 4 Qualifier 1 is now open. Upcoming teams can visit this link to register their team for the final season of TEC Gauntlet 2021. This season is powered by Crucial Apparel Partner Six5Six and Accessories Partner Cosmicbyte.

1. Team Details

On the first page of the registration, process teams should fill in the team details. Players must submit

  • Team name
  • Team logo (optional)
  • Select their county.

2. Player Details

On the second page of the process, the team captain needs to fill in their personal information like

  • Name
  • Valorant ID of Player 1 – (With # Tag)
  • Player 1 phone number
  • Player 1 email
  • Player 1 Discord ID

After that, players must fill in the details of other players in no particular order.

  • Name of other players
  • 2,3,4,5 Valorant Player ID – (With # Tag)
  • Player 2,3,4,5 phone number
  • Player 2,3,4,5 Email
  • Player 2,3,4,5 Discord ID

3. Substitute player

The next page will ask you if your team has substitute players or not. TEC allows up to 2 subs in TEC Gauntlet Season 4. If your team has 1 or 2 subs, fill in their details.

  • Name of other players
  • Player 6.7 Valorant ID – (With # Tag)
  • Player phone number 6.7
  • Player 6.7 Email
  • Player Discord ID 6.7

4. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Players must agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy to proceed further.

5. Commit

On the last page of the process, players will have confirmation that they have successfully registered in the tournament. Players are urged to sign up for Discord TEC for more information.

Valorant TEC Gauntlet:The Biggest Tournament in South Asia with 52 Lakh Prize Pool.