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Call of Duty Warzone Invitational Tournament:3 Lakh Prize Pool, Streamers and More

Activision Developers offer another big surprise for Warzone fans. The Call of Duty Warzone Invitational Tournament was announced, claiming to be one of the biggest Call of Duty tournaments in history. The total tournament prize pool is INR 300,000 . WD_Black and AMD Ryzen are the main sponsors of the event, along with “The Esports Club” as the esports media partner.

Call of Duty Warzone Invitational Tournament:Brands and the Future of Esports in India

The gambling scene in India is moving at a rapid pace. Over the past few years, we've seen an increase in the number of tech companies getting into esports. With Corsair game and Elgato already entered the market, AMD is one of the new faces launching.

The Call of Duty Warzone Invitational tournament is open to all streamers. This means that anyone in the world who plays and streams Warzone can come, participate and win exclusive prizes and baskets. This may be the only time Activision has gotten directly involved in the scene. Previously, according to reports, Krafton (PUBG) is the only company to interface directly in tournaments.

The ad comes from social media partner Esports Media where they say:

"Introducing the AMD Powered WD Black Cup!" The biggest Call of Duty Warzone Invitational event in the land will see the best streamers and content creators coming together for a showdown of epic proportions!

The list of streamers is not yet public. Talk to IGN India , the developers of Activision talk about the evolution of the esports market in India. They quoted saying,

“We are grateful to have an avid and growing community of Call of Duty gamers in India across Black Ops Cold War and our free games, Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile. We remain committed to making our games accessible to everyone. Cold War and Warzone are currently available for digital download on console platforms and via Battlenet for PC.

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