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List of Best Free Fire Pets with Healing Abilities in October 2021

Best Free Fire Pets: The Free Fire game offers a unique style gaming experience which is one of the major reasons for its growing popularity. Pets in Free Fire play an important role in improving the overall performance of the player with their powerful in-game skills. Unlike characters, they are small in size and abilities but powerful in scenarios specific.

SummaryBest Free Fire Pets with Healing Abilities5. Shiba4. Spirit Fox3. Robot2. Panda1. Ottero

Characters are a great inclusion in Free Fire and they are usable for both aggressive and defensive gameplay. Most of the players want to increase their rank in which health becomes the priority to survive while increasing the rank. All healer characters need a companion for support to be mastered, and pets are that one and only support choice. Pets have unique abilities and healing abilities are needed for both fast and passive play. This article provides a list of all pets with healing abilities available in Free Fire as of October 2021.

Best Free Fire Pets With Healing Abilities

5. Shiba

Ability:Mushroom Sense

Shiba The animal looks cute and it is one of the most adorable animals in Free Fire. Technically, her ability doesn't directly heal players, meaning it won't give the player any HP. But it helps to find the healing supplies that give health which are known as mushrooms.

Players can spot surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds, where the mark lasts for 30 seconds at base level. At maximum level, the marking period is reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds.

4. Spirit Fox

Ability:Well Fed

Spirit Fox is another adorable looking pet in the game. Its ability allows players to receive extra HP when using Medkits. At the base level, the Well Fed ability allows players to restore an additional 4HP when using a Medkit.

At max level, the ability restores 10HP when using a medkit.

3. Robot

Capacity:Wall application

Robo looks like a modern tech project and the ability is called Wall Enforcement. The ability will add a protective shield to a wall of gloo when deployed and also give the player 60 HP at base level or level 1.

When the ability's level is maxed, the ability will give the player 80HP while providing a shield to the gloo wall.

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2. Panda

Ability:Panda's Blessings

The panda is yet another pet with a healing ability and is a master pet when playing aggressively. His ability is similar to Jota's Sustained Raids which provide health to the player when killed.

At base level, the ability will provide/restore 4HP when a kill is successful. When level is maxed, the ability restores 10HP on a kill.

1. Ottero

Capacity:Double Blubber

While all the other animals in the game with healing abilities help restore HP, this animal aims for EP. This ability is somewhat similar to K's Master of All ability, which is also based on EP.

At base level, the ability will recover EP when using a med gun or med kit. The amount of EP recovered is 35% of the HP recovered. So when you heal, your EP will be 35% of the HP you gained. The percentage increases to 65% when the level is maxed.

Note:The pets listed above are not based on any rankings.

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