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Top 5 Best Free Fire Characters With Passive Abilities For October 2021

Garena's Free Fire is one of the most popular titles in the mobile Battle Royale genre with a huge fanbase of millions of active users across the world. Here in this article, we will be looking at the list of Top 5 Free Fire Characters With Passive Abilities for October 2021.

SummaryList of Top 5 Free Fire Characters with Passive Abilities5. Elite Moco (Enigma's Eye)4. Dasha (Party)3. Thiva (Vital Vibes)2. Jota (sustained raids)1. Shirou (Caused Damage)

The latest OB30 update introduced two new characters to the Free Fire roster. Currently, there are 43 characters in the Free Fire roster with unique skills to aid players in the battlefield. Characters have either an active skill or a passive skill. Let's take a look at the list of the top 5 Free Fire characters with passive abilities.

List-of-the-5 best Free Fire characters with passive abilities

5. Elite Moco (Enigma's Eye)

The brand new Elite Moco was recently introduced to characters as Moco "Enigma ". Elite Moco comes with a special ability called "Engima's Eye". The ability grants a mark ability to mark drawn enemies for 2 seconds at its base ability (level 1).

This is a passive skill that increases the mark time on enemies. At its base level, the mark on enemies hit lasts longer when enemies move, up to 2 seconds.

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4. Dasha (Party)

Dasha's ability "Party “, has several effects, including decreasing damage taken from falls by 30% and recovery time by 60%. The passive ability is a great skill for squad clash mode as it also reduces the recoil build rate and maximum recoil by six percent.

3. Thiva (Vital Vibes)

Thiva's in-game description states that he is a singer and musician who enjoys skydiving. He has a passive skill called "Vital Vibrations ". His skill in the game at his base level (level 1) increases the rescue speed by 5% and upon a successful rescue, the user recovers 15 HP in 5 seconds.

At max level (level 6), attributes increase significantly and rescue speed increases by 20% and upon successful rescue, user recovers 40 HP in 5 seconds.

2. Jota (sustained raids)

Jota's new skill after OB29 update hitting other players with any gun gives you HP back. When you kill a player, it restores 20% of your max HP.

The skill is reworked in update OB29 where it now works with all firearms as before, it was only for SMGs and SGs. Additionally, the 5-second countdown is also removed.

1. Shirou (Damage Caused)

According to Shirou's in-game description, he is the fastest delivery man. Likewise, its ability is named "Damage Delivered ". Shirou's ability marks the first enemy that is the player for 8 seconds.

Additionally, the first hit fired at the enemy inflicts an additional 100% armor penetration bonus. Here is the list of the top 5 Free Fire characters with passive abilities for October 2021.

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