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Valorant Deadeye Abilities:new Agent 17 teaser by RIOT, gameplay explained

Valorant Deadeye Abilities:Valorant teases its 17th agent, codenamed Deadeye since the game's year-long competition. A recent Valorant Deadeye Teaser has just been released by RIOT Games' Valorant on Youtube after the multiple micro teasers for a few days . A stunningly animated video to thrill its audience and leave Easter eggs in the game is a total Valorant thing.

ContentsValorant Teaser DeadeyeMark (C)Headhunter (A)Date (E)Tour de Force (X)

While the very short video explains very little and shows a lot more, let's talk about what might be in store for Valorant bugs in the near future. The article talks about the Valorant Deadeye teaser recently released by RIOT, explaining the abilities of its future agent and what it could possibly imply in the next act of the game.

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Teaser for Valorant Deadeye

Valorant had dropped a flashy cutscene in honor of Valorant's year-long completion, as well as a hype piece for Episode 3. Deadeye had been stalking the leaks for over a month , and we know he'll be a sentinel, joining the team of Sage, Skye, and others in the game. As far as leaks go, he'll also bring a lot more precise gunplay to the game, and the mechanical gameplay will therefore see longevity with its launch.

Valorant posted an impressive video, as always, on its official Youtube channel. It captures all of Deadeye's abilities in a sequenced cutscene and shows viewers what the new Sentinel is capable of. While it's known that Deadeye would bring more mechanical shooters and have a radar-like ability, they weren't explained to its full potential earlier.

Another video from HIITSCAN details all the abilities of future Agent 17 Deadeye and here are the following:

Brand (C)

  • This ability places a trap that searches for enemies. When a visible enemy comes within range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes terrain around those enemies, creating a persistent field that slows players caught inside.

Headhunter (A)

  • This ability equips a Heavy Pistol on Deadye. Deadeye can fire the ALT gun to aim down sights. This is one of the abilities that brings the promised game mechanics.

Rendezvous (E)

  • Deadeye's signature ability places two teleport anchors. When on the ground and within range of the anchor, they can be revived by Deadeye to quickly teleport to the other anchor, almost like Yoru's portal. They can be picked up and redeployed.

Tour-de-force (X)

  • The ultimate allows Deadeye to summon a powerful custom sniper rifle that can kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy also creates a persistent field that slows any player inside.

Overall, players can expect a more shooter-focused Agent in the upcoming patch. While some abilities replicate Golden gun and Tracer cartridges from Spike Rush, we can already see this agent changing the meta.

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