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How to register for the Valorant Skyesports 3.0 Championship

The Skyesports Championship is back and it's better than ever with its 3rd championship. Valorant took South Asian esports by storm right from the beta days. Valorant is the most watched PC esport not only in India, but in all of South Asia. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more are producing brilliant esports athletes every day.

Skyesport 3.0 Championship

Skyesports does an incredible job of showing the potential of esports in the region. They also provide an exceptional platform for bright young esports athletes to showcase their skills and eventually raise their national flag on international platforms. With 2 successful series in the past, skyesports is back with its 3rd edition of the Skyesports Championship.

Register for the Valorant Skyesport Championship 3.0

Signing up for Valorant Sky esports Championship 3.0 is really easy and simple. Anyone can easily register their team for the Valorant Skyesports Championship 3.0 if you follow these steps.

  • Step 1:Visit
  • Step 2:Scroll down and select Skyesports Championship 3.0
  • Step 3:Select Valorant from the 6 available games.
  • Step 4:Enter the team name and region.
  • Step 5:Firstly, the team captain needs to fill in their Player Name, Nickname, Game ID, Discord ID, Proof of ID Aadhar Card/Passport/Item ID voter/driver's license, mobile number and email.
  • Step 6:Captain needs to fill in Player Name, Nickname, Game ID, Discord ID, Proof of Aadhar Card/Passport/Voter ID/Driver's License , mobile number, email of the other 4 players in no particular order.
  • Step 7:The team leader must participate in the tournament's Discord.

If you follow these simple instructions, you and your team will be entered into the Valorant Skyesports 3.0 Championship.

Prepare your team for the Sky esports Championship 3.0, as it will be one of the biggest series of events in the South Asia region.

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