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PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg:PUBG Mobile announces collaboration with Koenigsegg, everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg: It's been a while since PUBG Mobile announced Update 1.6 for players, the new update was followed by exciting collaboration announcements, events and more. Today the developers announced an official collaboration with sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg.

One of the main reasons for the widespread popularity of PUBG Mobile is the extensive collaborations with famous companies, personalities that the developers announce at regular intervals. The battle royale game lives up to the expectations of gamers when they bring exclusive in-game collaboration-related outfits and items. After announcing a collaboration with popular children's song Baby Shark, the developers are back with the PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg collaboration.

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg:Everything you need to know

It has been speculated by several content creators including Classified YT, a prominent youtuber who gives major updates of PUBG Mobile and its new Indian branding Battlegrounds Mobile India, that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with Koenigsegg. As the Tesla collaboration that resulted in the 1.5 update, also known as Mission Ignition, has become extremely popular among fans, officials have decided to bring in more automotive collaborations.

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As informed by officials, the collaboration will continue on November 1, 2021 . Therefore, players should mark their calendars as it is expected that they can see some awesome vehicle skins in lucky spin events. Skins may also come in premium crates according to some leaks. Players can already get a glimpse of the awesome car skins that will be part of PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg.

For players who are unfamiliar with Koenigsegg, it is an automobile manufacturer based in Sweden. The company mainly manufactures sports cars and has also broken several world records in terms of automobile speed. The company boasts of producing expensive cars, therefore, gamers can expect vehicle skins to pinch their pocket.

Players might wonder whether Koenigsegg car skins will be available in Mobile Battlegrounds India or not. There is a high chance that players will soon be able to enjoy the vehicle skins as soon as it is released in PUBG Mobile as the game's previous collaborations such as Tesla, Dune were available in BGMI.

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