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How to Mark a Fortnite Alien Egg:Locations in Holly Hatchery for Quest

Score a Fortnite Alien Egg in the Final Quest:There are Alien Eggs in various locations across the battle royale map in-game, although Epic Games has yet to add the gold variant to Fortnite Season 7 . Fortnite alien egg locations have become important with the weekly challenges as players need to travel to these locations in search of these eggs.

Alien Eggs can be found all over the map, and the game recommends you go to Holly Hatchery to do so. The article discusses all Fortnite alien egg locations in the game so that players can easily collect them.

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How to mark a Fortnite alien egg

This week's legendary questline, 'Breeding Peace', sees you seek to bridge the rifts between the islanders and Season 7's alien 'intruders' by helping to raise the latter's offspring.

Alien Artifacts are collectibles in Fortnite Season 7 that players must obtain to customize the new Kymera skin. This makes these items quite desirable, and there are different ways to get them. The easiest of these ways is to find them scattered around the map, and indeed a whole new batch of Alien Artifacts will be added to Fortnite for the current season.

These are more and more numerous and it will therefore be easier to come across them. Alien Eggs have been present for most of the season, but they are now increasingly common on the island. These eggs hatch into alien parasites, so players may already have an idea of ​​where to look for them. Although Fortnite Alien Eggs can be found at Holly Hatchery, players can actually find them in multiple locations in Fortnite.

Alien Eggs can be found in the central low gravity area of ​​Holly Hatchery. There are at least a few around the central building, and payers will have the best chance of finding one if they check the garden outside with the metal shelves. Players must first complete Stage 1 of Breeding Peace before embarking on a journey to the center of an alien nest.

Once you find an alien egg, all you have to do is press left on the D-Pad or middle mouse button to mark it. You only need to score an alien egg to complete this challenge, and you'll be rewarded with 30,000 XP upon completing the challenge.

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