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How do I get a Free Fire Soloist and Disc Jockey crate for October 2021?

Garena Free Fire introduces new gun bundles and crates with new special characters and collaboration events. Here in this article, we will see how you can get Soloist and Disc Jockey crates in Free Fire for October 2021.

Garena introduces new major events with each new OB patch update. In the OB29 patch update titled ‘4th Anniversary ', the title has collaborated with the popular DJ Duo 'Dimitri Vegas' and 'Like Mike'. During this collaboration, new rewards and characters were also introduced. There were two characters based on DJ Duo 'Dimitri' and 'Thiva' and a Soloist and Disc Jockey Weapon Crate were introduced in the game. Let's see how you can get Soloist and Disc Jockey Crates in Free Fire. /P>

Get a soloist and disc jockey crate in Free Fire

Soloist and Disc Jockey crates are different from normal weapon crates in Free Fire as they contain more than gun skins. The crate also grants players gun skin tokens which can then be exchanged for permanent weapon skins later when there are enough tokens.

Let's take a look at what's inside the Soloist and Disc Jockey crate:

  • AK-47 Soloist ( Damage +, Magazine +, Accuracy -)
  • Disc Jockey M249 (Range +, Armor Penetration +, Movement Speed ​​-)
  • Soloist and disc jockey weapon token

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The Soloist &Disc Jockey crate is available in the in-game store under the crates tab. Players can follow the steps below to acquire the Soloist and Disc Jockey Crate from the in-game store:

Step 1: The first players should open the game and go to the in-game store.

Step 2: Now players should go to the Crates section where they can find the DJ Theme Checkout.

Step 3: Now players can purchase this crate after paying 25 Diamonds. After that, the crate will be sent directly to your vault where you can open it later.

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