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Call of Duty Warzone has banned over 500,000 cheaters since launch

Call of Duty Warzone has banned over half a million (500K) users for cheating in the game since the game launched, said COD warzone co-developer Raven Software. Developer Raven Software leaked this estimate after the new bans outbreak completely banned 30,000 cheaters due to hacking.

Raven didn't explain if it was on one platform or if it was shared across them, or what the hackers were essentially doing to justify the ban hammer. However, it at least seems like the production company takes cheating seriously and holds the scammers accountable.

Recently, Raven teased on Twitter that after banning over 30,000 "malicious accounts", their total number of bans jumps to 500,000 - "over half a million accounts"

However, the responses are filled with players saying their bans were unreasonable because their accounts were hacked by hackers.

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Call of Duty Warzone bans 500,000 users

Call of Duty Warzone was launched in 2020. Since then they update software and anti-cheat measures continuously, cheaters and their producers become difficult to identify. COD Warzone has serious cheater issues that all COD players are aware of. Since its release, the COD Warzone has banned a large number of cheaters through different ban waves and still continues with the same intentions.

In October 2020, Activision imposed bans on over 200,000 cheaters after an anti-cheat update detected notorious "engineering" cheaters and approached 300,000 by February 2021.

Over 200,000 accounts have now been banned from the game in less than three months. The overall number of banned accounts thus exceeds 500,000 (across all platforms). Raven previously announced this year that they would always keep Warzone "clean" and free of hackers.

crow intends to solve the cheating problem by imposing seven-day-a-week bans, cracking down on the market for cheat providers, and preventing cheaters from turning into alternative accounts.

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