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Dr Disrespect vs Ferg in COD Mobile Br Kill Race:1v1 Challenge

Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest names in the twitch gaming community and recently sparked some flames by calling out our mobile gamers. In a turn of events Ferg challenged the Doc to a 1V1 and now we get Dr Disrespect vs Ferg in COD Mobile BR Kill Race!

Call Of Duty Mobile recently confirmed that Dr Disrespect will face off against Ferg in an 80s knockdown on COD Battlegrounds. The 1v1 is called the 80's Throw down Battle Royale Kill Race and will be officially streamed on YouTube. This battle is long overdue and will finally take place on Monday.

Below we take a look at the details of Dr Disrespect vs Ferg in COD Mobile.

Dr Disrespect vs. Ferg in COD Mobile

Dr Disrespect had already caused a bit of controversy when he tweeted that mobile gaming was not serious business. Many mobile gamers around the world got pissed off and tweeted at Doc. One of these COD Mobile content creators, Ferg, challenged the Doc for a Cod Mobile 1v1 for $100,000.

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Ferg is a very popular content creator for COD Mobile and has a huge following within the mobile gaming community. He also replied to Dr Disrespect's tweet and challenged him to 1v1. He even invited him to play on his PC while he plays on his phone.

The tweet was made in November 2020 but the challenge was taken by COD Mobile for a 1v1 between Dr Disrespect vs Ferg. COD social media released a statement that the challenge is on and the Battle Royale Kill Race will take place as part of the Thrown down 80s event.

The match will take place Monday at 11:00 a.m. PT and will be streamed on the Call of Duty:Mobile Esports Channel.

Matches will be played on different servers and in different matches due to their location difference. However, they will be able to communicate during matches for entertaining banter. Matches will be played on a variety of devices such as mobiles, PCs and even emulators for more fairness.

The exact details of the tournament between Dr Disrespect and Ferg have yet to be revealed. However, title speculation leads to the winner being the highest killer in COD Mobile's battle royale mode.

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