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PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 2:Overall Ranking, MVP, and more

PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) was announced earlier this month, the tournament is powered by Gamers without Borders with a $3 million USD prize pool. The prize pool is not split between the teams and is donated to charity for the distribution of COVID vaccines around the world, which is the main motive of the Gamers Without Bordes organization.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 2 was officially over. Next Ruya Gaming and Konina Esports teams both top the points table with the same number of total points at 106. Alpha7 esports team was third after Day 2 of PMWI West with 96 total points and 46 elimination points. Meanwhile, Team Chivas Esports and Team 19 Esports secured fourth and fifth place with 90 and 87 total points, respectively.

The tournament is streamed live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel. The PUBG Mobile Charity Tournament is scheduled to take place from July 22-25. The officials have set audience rewards and this time they are offering a permanent outfit.

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PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 2 Overall Ranking

The first match of the day was played on Erangel, the classic map. The match was won by Team Konika Power of Kazakhstan with 10 kills to their name. Team Ghost Gaming was eliminated in second place with 4 kills. Team 19 Esports RAAD esports managed to survive in the top 5 and got 6 and 7 eliminations respectively.

The second game of the day was played on the Shanhok map. Team QLASH from France won this match with 7 kills. Lakonostrova was knocked out in second place with 4 kills. Then, Ruya Gamin had obtained the third place with 7 victories to his credit.

Team Alpha 7 Esports emerged victorious in this third match with 12 kills while Team UDR killers managed to take second place in this match with 5 kills. Team Konika Power was eliminated in third position with a total of 11 kills.

The fourth match was played on Dessert Map, Miramar. Team Onyx emerged victorious with 12 kills. Team Next Ruya Gaming was eliminated in second place who had six kills under their name in this match. Team Chivas esports was eliminated in sixth position with 10 kills.

The fifth and final game of the day saw Team Gunz Esports claim victory with a total of seven eliminations. Team RAAD was eliminated in second place with 7 kills. Chivas esports had the most kills in this match (10) but were eliminated in 5th place.

Gunz Esports' Freak was awarded MVP of the Day for his excellent performance of having an average. survival time of 20:35 sec, avg. damage, avg. 2.4 kills. Around 10 matches need to be completed to decide who is the winner of PMWI 2021. The tournament will be streamed live on PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube. Indian songs.

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