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How to go AFK in GTA Online without getting kicked

You may be automatically kicked from the server when you pause your keyboard or controller in GTA Online. Here's how you can become AFK in GTA Online without it happening.

There are plenty of fun activities to do in GTA Online, and Rockstar continues to add new content such as cars, weapons, and missions through weekly updates. However, sometimes you just want to take a break.

Players who switch to AFK are automatically kicked from the server after fifteen minutes for inactivity. It can be frustrating if you suddenly rush to the bathroom or decide to do something else.

Here's how you can become AFK in GTA Online without getting fired.

How to go AFK without getting kicked in GTA Online

The reason you get kicked out of a GTA Online lobby is because the game detects that you are currently not doing any activity. So the solution is to make sure your character is busy while you're away.

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The easiest way to do this is to have the character watch TV in your apartment or house before going AFK. This is considered an activity, so the game will not kick you for being idle.

While you can do this anywhere with a TV, we recommend trying it out in your own apartment so you don't get killed by enemy players.

It's important to keep in mind that minimizing your game window while playing on PC will cause the game to consider you inactive, and you will be kicked out of the lobby after some time.

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This will happen even if you left your character watching TV, so make sure the game window is open all the time. This covers everything you need to do to get into AFK without getting kicked out in GTA Online.

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