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How to Earn a Relentless Medal in CoD Mobile:Tips and Tricks

There's a killstreak challenge in CoD Mobile that will grant you the Relentless Medal, but it can be tricky to complete, so we've prepared some handy tips and tricks to make it a bit easier.

SummaryHow to get the Relentless medal in CoD MobileEasiest ways to get a Relentless medal in CoD MobilePlay unranked multiplayer matches in CoD MobileUse CoD Mobile scores and operator skillsUse the best weapons in CoD MobilePlay your life

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 7 brought a ton of new content to enjoy, including a classic Modern Warfare map and a major collaboration with music artist Ozuna. So there's plenty to do when you get into the game.

If you play particularly well, you'll unlock some cool achievements, and one of the hardest to get is the Relentless Medal. This guide will cover everything you need to know about this killstreak reward.

How to get the Relentless medal in CoD Mobile

The Relentless Medal is awarded as a reward to players who complete a particularly difficult kill streak in CoD Mobile. You will need to get 20 consecutive kills without dying to get this achievement.

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This means you'll need to make sure no one takes you out before you can rack up the right number of kills. If this happens, your score will be reset and you will need to get 20 more consecutive kills.

Easiest Ways To Get A Relentless Medal In CoD Mobile

As you can imagine, this is one of the hardest challenges in the game, and you'll have to play it safe if you want to succeed. Although it's difficult, you can actually do it quite quickly.

There are few different tactics you can try in the game that will allow you to get the Relentless medal with few problems. We have prepared some useful tips and tricks that will make this task much easier to accomplish.

Play unranked multiplayer matches in CoD Mobile

As difficult as this task may seem, you can easily accomplish it by playing in robot parlors rather than against real players. Simply jump into an unranked multiplayer match and start reigning fire on your enemies.

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Real players can be quite unpredictable, so it's pretty easy to ruin your winning streak. AI bots will avoid hiding and adopt a more offensive approach. This makes them much easier to spot.

Just watch out for other real players in the lobby, because you won't earn the Relentless Medal if one of them kills you before you've achieved 20 consecutive kills.

Use CoD Mobile scores and operator skills

You'll want to secure kills as quickly as possible to increase your chances of success in this challenge, and you can do that with the help of Operator Skills and Scorestreaks.

Using machine guns will allow you to kill more easily as they will automatically shoot enemies. You can also use Goliath and Predator Missiles for multiple kills at once.

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As for Operator Skills, you can use Purifier, Storm, or Equalizer to make this challenge much easier. Once done, you will be able to get the Relentless Medal in no time.

Use the best weapons in CoD Mobile

There are many awesome weapons in CoD Mobile and you need to choose the right one before you jump into battle. If you're aiming for maximum damage, you should choose a shotgun. This will be especially useful in close combat.

Alternatively, you can go for high fire rate weapons, as they tend to hold more ammo. You can use SMGs and Assault Rifles to cause serious pain to your opponents.


Awareness of your surroundings is key to your survival in a CoD Mobile multiplayer match. So you'll need to make sure to pay close attention and pay attention to your surroundings during combat.

If you take too much damage, find a good place to hide while your health slowly regenerates. This will help you survive much longer and plan your attack better.

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You can also jump while being shot at to avoid taking too much damage. This will make you a much harder target to hit when traversing the map.

This covers everything you need to do to earn the Relentless Medal in CoD Mobile. Don't forget to also check how to play CoD Mobile on PC.

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