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How to redo in Valorant:when to use the process and more

Valorant provides an array of helpful commands for players in adverse situations. Remake in Valorant is one of the most useful commands in the game when you run into some issues while playing the game. Any player can use the Remake option to leave a match with a draw, without RR added or subtracted in case of Compe, or XP in Unranked, in case at least one of the players of his team is AFK ( Away from the keyboard). The article discusses all the details of the Remake option in Valorant, when to use the option, how to do it, and more.

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Redo in Valorant

Remake in Valorant allows any player on the team to finish that particular match in Draw without any results if a player disconnects at the start of a match, from the start of the buy phase to the end of the first round . A "remake call" triggers an option in Valorant that allows the game to check if a Valorant player is AFK and, allows all connected players on the team to vote to redo via a voting system and if found affirmative, automatically closes the match in a draw.

How to redo

Players should follow the next set of instructions to replay a match:

  • Open the text chat box in the lower left corner
  • Enter the text:/redo
  • If you voted, it will automatically be a yes vote
  • Otherwise, press F5 to vote yes
  • The match will be replayed

Players should keep in mind that voting requires all YES votes from any number of active players in the game. The voting option for the remake only lasts for the duration of the purchase phase at second round and expires if the vote is not adopted or ignored. You can choose to continue the game if another player's AFK is only temporary, or if you choose to play 4v5 or otherwise.

For more information, players can refer here.

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